New book, September 2017:

“The New Trend in Education: The development of Willful Intelligence – overcoming boredom in our schools”

This book begins by redefining “Willful intelligence” as something to be developed as oppose as an excuse to not venture beyond what is one existing knowledge and skills (Intro). It then in division one, begins to show why it is wiser to gather pictures rather that assume one’s perspective is all one needs to be educated (chapter 1). By division two, walls are taking down to explain why we live in the present and not the past ( chapter 2). In entering Junior High, is the start of the student’s planning …

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April 2017 Presentation – Introduction to “Responsible Educational Research on Maintaining the Will to Learn”
Responsible Educational Research (Word)

November 2016 Presentation – The Importance of Global Education to the Inquiry Approach
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May 2016 Downloadable PDF:
Presentation PDF – May 2016